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Here at Body Fit, we work with people of all ages and fitness levels! With all types of equipment and classes, workout variety is never a problem. Our facility offers cardio equipment, free weights, machines, a studio for group fitness classes, and even sunless tanning using Norvell products!

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Meet the Team

Meet Pam Waugh- the mastermind behind Body Fit Studio! Pam has always had a passion for fitness. This particular image of Pam is special, because it was the first competition she placed in after having a hip replacement and being told she would never compete again by doctors. She wanted to prove that physician wrong and win again, and she did! Pam feels that type of excitement and determination with each and every member or client at Body Fit Studio. Pam thrives on seeing others meet their health and fitness goals, which is why she decided that Body Fit Personal Training Studio was the best for her and her husband Bruce's love for fitness.

Meet Bruce Waugh, co-founder of Body Fit! For over 40 years, Bruce has been involved in the weightlifting community and achieved a number of goals. His journey continued into adulthood when he played football at Glenville State College. He did powerlifting for quite some time and even broke some national records!  After powerlifting, Bruce moved onto bodybuilding where he won first place in several competitions. Bruce has a lifting schedule each week and runs Legs with Bruce on Sunday morning and afternoon. He loves seeing each Body Fit member achieve his or her goals and being a big part of that. 

Meet Lori Wellman, yoga instructor at Body Fit! She has been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching it for 2 years. It is Lori's passion to share the mental and physical benefits of yoga with people of all shapes and sizes. The benefits of yoga are endless both on and off the mat. Join Lori on Sunday's at 11am for Yoga for Beginners (all levels) in our studio! 

Meet Mindy Zuko, one of our trainers for both one on one and group fitness classes! Mindy met Pam at a small gym about 30 years ago. Their friendship has stayed strong, and they caught up at many gyms over the years and now spend all our time together at Body Fit. Mindy has been a trainer at Body Fit for 4 years. When she's not at Body Fit, she is spending time with her kids and grandkids! Check out one of Mindy's group fitness classes on our schedule!

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